Why does summer boredom in teenagers occur so frequently in the 21st century?

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Summer boredom in teenagers is very frequent in today’s society. Teenagers today have difficulty utilizing their free time in the summer. As school ends everybody is excited to run out the doors but as it comes back, everybody complains about the summer being too boring. Many high school students just cannot find anything to do if they are not with their friends. They lack the creativity of youth of past generations to keep themselves busy by themselves.

     Teenagers enjoy spending time with friends and hanging out away from home. The day passes fast for them so they do not complain. It is fun for them when they socialize and participate in activities together. They live in the moment and have no reason to keep track of the time. Young adolescents enjoy each other’s company and have fun together. They keep each other occupied and satisfy their needs for enjoyment.

     When a teen’s friends are all busy, they have nowhere to go and spend the day at home. The activity at home consists of sleeping, playing video games, surfing the net, and more sleeping. It is not very productive and the young adult feels cranky and bored at the end of the day. They do not have fun and tire their eyes out from looking at the monitor for an endless eternity.

     Teenagers rely on their parents to keep busy as that’s how they spent their younger summer years. Parents usually enroll them in recreational programs or summer camps while they were young to get them moving and occupied. At the teen years, parents are off to work and they are left to be independent. They need activities and fun to be handed to them as they lack the creativity of teens from a decade ago. Their lazy lifestyle and lack of sleep really takes the fun out of the summer as they are not getting the fresh air nor the sunshine shun on them.

     What young adults do not know is that school is enjoyable because of all the people that you interact with. Yes, there is a lot of work but your friends will always be there and you work together to achieve goals. Putting in the hard work as a group makes it more bearable and fun. It is a normal routine for them to go to school and they do not complain about having nothing to do. Teens are kept occupied as school is 5 days a week. Busy for 10 months a year, their schedules are near full.

     Teens have many resources that they can utilize such as money, time, and the internet. They should be able to plan their own activities by themselves and have plenty to do. Ironically, kids of past generations have fewer resources at their disposal but have plenty to do. They lack money and the variety of activities is less but their creativity is much higher. The young adults know how to spend their free time with what they have.

In conclusion, teens do not spend every day with their friends so they get very bored. By the time the summer is over, they are excited to go back to school. Spending countless days on the computer home alone isn’t as enjoyable as it seemed when students left school for the summer. They do not have the creativity to keep them occupied and struggle to make use of summer vacation. Summer boredom in teenagers is very popular in the 21st century and shows the lack of independence.

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