Why are young adults today such angry difficult teens?

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Many parents today find themselves in a situation where they are living with a complete stranger; an odd and angry young person who insists on arguing with every other word out of their mouth, and refuses to put in any effort around the house without being forced. I am talking of course, about a teenager. If you are the parent of a teenager, and you are not wondering why your child is so angry all of the time, or at least so difficult or confrontational, you should count yourself lucky. But why are they this way? Well, that is a question that has many different answers and hopefully this can give you a little insight into these angry difficult teens.

Teenagers are a special breed of human beings; they are caught literally between childhood and adulthood. If you take a fifteen year old for example, five years ago she was ten years old, a mere child, allowed to play and have no responsibility. In five years from now, that same teenager will be twenty, an adult expected to have a plan for her life and already be starting on that plan. Being a teenager is the most difficult of places to be in this life because on one hand you crave the freedom and respect that comes from being a 'grown up' or a peer amongst those with interesting thoughts and ideas. On the other hand you are angry at the new demands on your responsibility plate.

Being a teen is hard especially if you have the kind of parents who have no problem dishing out the chores, and reprimanding you for minor pitfalls, yet deny you the opportunity to make your own decisions and be in control of your own destiny.

Being a teen is even more difficult if you have the average parent, who treats you like you are an idiot, or know little about the world, just because you are a child. You’d be surprised how much children today know. With the internet, and nationally broadcast television, teenagers know more about life than their parents did at the same age, and twice as much as their grandparents. Of course, they may not have as much experience with life; I mean not too long ago boys of eighteen were being shipped off to Vietnam where they would be killed in the name of their country.

Regardless of experience, when you are a teen and you know about a topic that is currently being discussed, when you offer up an opinion, you would expect others to listen to what you say and take you seriously, this however very seldom happens. Most teens are met with condescension. This is more aggravating than anything to a teenager.

The overall lesson to learn when it comes to angry difficult teens is to give them a little credit. Kids today are required to master much more difficult educational standards then they ever have before, and they are expected to have a plan, and be a ‘well rounded’ child in order to get in to college. There is a lot of pressure put upon young people today and they are under much stress. Give them a break, cut them some slack, and most important of all treat them with a little respect.

If you want your teen to treat you with respect you have to show them the same courtesy. They are on their way to being adults, and children learn from example. If you want your teen to become a respectable adult, listen when they talk, and most importantly talk to them like their opinion matters and as if they might actually have a say in what happens in their own life.

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