What is my purpose in life?

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Each of us are unique, no matter how much we may have in common with another person. It is awesome that, as Americans, we live in a country where individuality is not only encouraged, it is what the nation is built upon. When we are young we feel as if there are certain things that we must do, certain things we must like/watch/wear/eat and that wears us down to the point where we are confused about ourselves. The question "What is my purpose in life?" pops up after a little while and we wonder if we really are who we think we are. After all, those things that everyone else is "into" no longer hold your interest (or, if you're like me, you never really liked those popular things anyway).

Who are we? What are we supposed to do? Those are questions that only you hold the answer to. Adults (especially the ones who care about you, like your parents or teachers) can help point you in the directions you can take at a certain age. Your mom and dad will tell you that you need an education because you will need to get a job. This is a true statement. But, what they don't always tell you is that you can decide what type of education is best for you and how it will relate to your career preferences. That is YOU. Your passions are your own and so is your choice of whether or not to pursue them.

Elders are great for advice because they have already been where you are. They know that question "What is my purpose in life?" has no real answer. As human beings we are ever-evolving and what may be your desire might not be your desire in ten years...but acting upon your passions will teach you to be ready for tomorrow and whatever the world may toss your way. All-in-all, you are who you choose to be. Your "purpose in life" is not pre-defined or limited: it is what you make of it.

There is a word of caution towards this concept, though: you must use really think things through and realize the difference in a whim and a desire. Lets say you "desire" not to go to school...what are the precautions? You most likely won't get the job you need or want. There is a necessary amount of things that must be done to ensure that you succeed. Education is on top of that list. Once you know how to learn, you also learn how to reason. Life is yours, but you must work for it. Common-sense and an open-mind are requirements in self-discovery. Once you know who you are, you know your purpose in life. Nothing is easy...but, then again, the fight is what makes the end result so enjoyable. Listen to your elders...learn when to take advice but, more importantly, learn when to leave it. Your body is your vessel, don't you want to know what it is capable of before settling on one thing?

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