Why is teen drug use such a problem in our world today?

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Teen drug use is a major problem amongst our schools today, as it has always been. There are many reasons for this, such as pressure of not doing well in school, not being where you want to be, having no idea where your life is going, or maybe even why that girl or guy you like wont even look at you. Many teens turn to drugs to cope. It is a simple outlet that makes you feel just a little bit better at the time. These teens don't realize that they are just holding themselves back. It is simple fun for them. As an adult living in the real would, you know that drugs are bad. A teenager however, smokes some marijuana and thinks its makes everything better because of a couple hours of laughter.

     Some say marijuana is the "gateway drug." And though in many instances, marijuana is the first drug a teenager will try, the simple fact is that teenagers will use anything and everything they can to cope with their misunderstanding of the world. Drugs are also becoming more and more available, even easier to get then alcohol. Prescription pills has become one of the leading drugs being abused by teens, simply because it is readily available. Teen drug use stems from a desire to cope with all the things they don't understand, or don't agree with. In addition, teens have an overwhelming desire to be rebellious. Many of them take on drug use just feel like they are doing something bad or against the norm. Or because Mom and Dad always said not to.

     Another reason why teenagers do drugs is to be accepted socially. It can be hard to make friends as a teenager, and a lot of the time they just do not relate to their childhood friends anymore. It is a fact of growing up, that people change. So when these teens stop relating to their old friends, they seek out new friends to have fun with. In a lot of instances, drug use is the center of these social groups. They go to hang out with some friends and are offered to smoke some marijuana, if they say no, they will be looked down upon. If they say yes, they become one of the gang. Which sounds more harmless to a teen, being rejected by the people around them, or marijuana?

     Drug use isn't always to cope, sometimes it really is just for fun. When teens use drugs for fun, they are neglecting to think about the trouble they are putting themselves through. It all just seems like fun. Unfortunately for these teens and parents, most of them will not realize they have a problem until it is too late. Many will end up in jail. Some may even end up dead. All you can do is teach your children the right values growing up so that they may understand what they are doing by using drugs, Most of these teens will grow out of their drug use and move on to bigger and better things. And remember, just because your teen tries drugs, it does not mean that they will end up in jail of dead. Make sure that they know the risks that they are putting themselves through, and teach them to be wise enough to make the right decisions.

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