Why is talking to teenagers difficult?

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Teenagers can be difficult to talk to. I have two teenagers, and understand talking to teenagers can be hard. The challenges seem to begin and evolve from pre-teen to full blown teenager. Talking to teenagers is something that should be done, and on a regular basis. This is a time in their lives that are most vulnerable. They will be experiencing things that you may not be ready for, but should be talked about. If your teenagers are old enough to ask you a question, then you should answer it honestly. That way they hear the truth from you, and not some misconception from their friends. The conversations with teens may make you feel uncomfortable, but it may save their life one day. These talks may include, sex, drugs, sexuality, diseases, pregnancy, protection, and even body changes that occur.

Talk with your teenagers even when you don't think they are listening. Believe me when I tell you that they are listening... I have proof of this to back up my theory. Teens may not want to give you much information, but keep talking to them. Teenagers need their independence and space. You may think most of the time they are mad, but that is how they are. They are listening to their own music, watching their own shows, and talking to new people. They may think the parents don't know anything, but they are still listening. You may be wondering how to start up a conversation with them. You can try planning a day with your teen. You can take your teenager out to eat, shopping, or to the park. Have a one on one conversation wtih them. Don't judge your teen, or your teen may stop talking. Future conversations may stop as well when you try to talk to your teen. You can let your teenager know that they can tell you anything, and you won't judge them. Teenagers can be guarded, and dealing with alot of emotions, drama, and personal changes all at once. Their actions don't necessarily mean they are upset with you, but that they are dealing with other things. They may not notice their actions, and other times they may push your buttons intentionally.

I understand you want to protect your teens, and shield them from the world, but the world can not be shielded all the time. Technology is very advanced in today's society, and there are many ways teens can get in harm's way. They may not have a clue of the situations that can happen to them. Communicating about the dangers of society will help them understand that danger can happen to them. For example, this will make them more aware when someone offers them drugs. This may help them from going directly into danger because of a predator lurking the mall.

Talking with your teenagers will give you the option to find out their goals, dreams, and future. Letting them know you support them, and love them unconditionally will give them that reassurance of being themselves. I think once you break that uncomfortable bridge that somehow manifested it will be easier to communicate with your teen.

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