What is the best way to initiate a sex discussion with teens?

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The absolute best way to initiate a sex discussion with teens is to openly discuss sex in the home. It is most ideal to have established an open and honest relationship with your child from the time he or she is very young., by discussing anything and everything as 'just the way it is'. If you haven't done so, then opening the door to this intimate conversation can tend to be somewhat awkward. This does not mean that it is not possible, however. Teens are always open to the discussion of sex. Parents, generally, are the ones who have a problem talking about it. But you will find, the more you talk with your teen, the more they are willing to talk (and listen) to you - regardless of the subject. Sex, being a integral part of a teenager's life, is a subject they are often quite anxious to talk about and if parents are open and honest with them, they will feel safe and secure asking questions and opening up about their curiosity and possibly even experience a parent may not already be aware of.

Sex is a significant part of life. Regardless of age, gender or even species, all beings have sex at some point in their lives. This is a fact that parents need to accept... teenagers are going to want to have sex once their hormones kick in and they achieve puberty - and parents need to be understanding and prepared. "The talk" should be an ongoing conversation, not a one-time discussion. Parents should offer their children all available options for experiencing safe sex and let their teen know that they are there to support them and answer any questions they may have regarding becoming sexually active. People, in general, have an innate desire to procreate (or, at least, to practice the act of procreation). It is a natural desire that cannot be denied and should not, in any way, be condemned. A sex discussion with teens is really not a difficult thing to initiate. Simply ask them, straight out, if they have thought about having sex yet - or if they have, in fact, had sex yet. Hopefully the answer to the first question will be yes, and to the second, will be no. Then you know you have at least opened the door to the discussion in plenty of time.

If not, the talk needs to contain information about what your teen needs to be doing to have 'safe' sex in the future and about the consequences of not using protection - not only because of the risk of pregnancy, but because of the numerous sexually transmitted diseased that are now rampant in our society because of the lack of education in the past of this subject. If our children were better informed from an extremely young age, this sex discussion with teens would not need to be such a big deal and there would be less teen pregnancies and less spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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