Why does every passing day seem to widen the gap between me and my child?

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Answered by: Dennis, An Expert in the Parenting Teenagers Category
The shadows enveloping our society are born of the seeds of greed, lust, and of course whatever trend the media imposes on us teenagers. Every parent these days is constantly asking " Where do I get help to understand my child"? The world is a vampire. What's trendy now is your worst nightmare as a parent. The basis to understanding your child is establishing a human connection, not just a parental connection where they feel caged as subordinates. Talk to them about what they think about topics that normally arouse emotion in people your own age. This generation is the one that is receiving the most education, it is frequently being termed " The Second Renaissance". Don't underestimate the intelligence of your child. Find out what your child thinks about controversial topics like religion, sex, drugs, raising a family, work ethic and genuinely get to understand your son or daughter. There are also things your teenager will never tell you. There will be things that disturb your child that you will never know about. What would you do if your child told you they just saw his classmate nose-dive into a heap of cocaine while his teacher casually turns off the lights to show an "educational" movie about Science. There's more sex involved in your child's life than you think. Go back to when you were a teen. Guys still want the same thing they've always wanted and now have even greater tools to the destruction of innocence. Girls ( with the exception of some) will still be looking for love while boys take advantage of that. These are all obstacles you have to understand and have the ability to conceive as a plausible situation in your child's life. Attempt to ground fundamental principle in your child. Instilling of ethic, morals, and old fashioned parenting still go a long way. We're all different. We're all still growing into our own skin. Not everyone is the same and some people are smarter than others. We were not all born equal. These are basics you will need to understand your child. Don't wait until its too late to start paying attention to your child. Yes, I know that work, bills, and your own love life and aspirations to grandeur devour a large amount of your thoughts, but this is your child. This is your future. I've seen smart and noble kids transformed by the disease-like ideas of other people. It's a seed. It plants into the ever-so impressionable mind of your child and spreads. Just like cancer. That's all it takes for them to make a wrong decision. My friend, John, had a scholarship for track and field to a prestigious college. It burned in emotionally debilitating fire as he just wanted to try cocaine for the first time and was caught by authorities and his scholarship was revoked. Don't wait for it to be too late. Don't be afraid to take that step. There are many ways for the wrong thing to happen. Would you want to see your child's body in a coffin as he got into a car with a drunk driver because he thought it was cool and ask then " How do I understand my child?".
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