How Do I Know the Best Study Skills for Teens?

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The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to review study skills for teens. After relaxing or working all summer, your teenager may need a quick refresher to make sure he is able to begin the school year on track. There are easy ways to motivate your student without resorting to bribery or threats. Just let your teen know that responsibility at school results in more responsibility at home.

First, create a space where your teen is able to use her study skills. Make sure there are pencils and pens available as well as plenty of paper and a quiet location. If your teenager will need to use a computer to complete assignments, you will want to designate a specific amount of time for computer use and school projects.

Next, remind your student to keep track of assignments in an agenda or small calendar. There are many school systems that will now allow students to use their cell phone or other mobile device to input assignments and upcoming tests and quizzes. This is to make sure your son knows when assignments are due. If your daughter is known for procrastination, try to give gentle reminders if you know there is a big test coming up and she will need to study ahead of time.

Other important study skills for teens is to make sure they take good notes during class. It is difficult to study for a quiz if you do not have the appropriate materials and information to review. If this has been a problem in the past, you may be able to find notes and handouts on the teacher or school's web page. If your student continues to have problems taking notes during class, you may want to have her ask the teacher for help or ask a friend in the same class to assist with note taking.

Organization is a large part of creating a successful year for your student. Make sure your son has binders and folders for each class. Try to remind him to keep important handouts and assignments in the folders or go through his book bag at the end of the day and make sure everything is in the correct place. The more your teen practices study skills, the better she will become.

No matter what, don't give up! It takes 21 days to create a habit. So, if your teen is still struggling with study skills after the first week, don't worry. Just keep practicing and reminding your student that being an organized student shows responsibility. If your teen will be getting a driver's license in the near future, you can let him know that doing well in school will help when it comes time to make choices about using the car.

Study skills are important for the teenage years, but also all throughout life. If college is the next step in your daughters future, these skills will be invaluable. If your son is going to a technical school or beginning work right out of high school, organization will help in any job.

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